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Labradoodle Behavior and Health Practices

The first step to solving any behavior problems with your Labradoodle is to make sure the issue isn't a health problem. For example, your dog starts having a fit when you try to brush the mats out behind their ears may actually be a painful ear infection.

Two other examples: Some types of chewing are actually nutritional deficiencies and some house-urinating issues can be the result of a urinary-tract infection.

Don't guess at problems and attempt home remedies, go to your veterinarian. It will probably save you money in the long run and spare your Labradoodle some misery.

After your dog checks out fine medically, you need to address the other necessities of their life:

Mental Exercise

Training your Labradoodle is for life. Because of their acute intelligence, your dog needs to keep learning and keep what they've been taught. That doesn't mean you should make obedience training sessions a permanent part of your life.

Think of creative ways to expand the skills your Labradoodle has learned into your life together.

For example, make them "sit" or "down" before taking the ball from them. Make them "stay," then throw the ball. Have family members play recall with them in the house:

These games keep them engaged and helps enforce their place in the family, which will makes them feel confident and secure.

Physical Exercise

One of the biggest factors toward Labradoodle behavior problems is that these dogs just don't get enough exercise. This lack of exercise is also a significant contributor to health problems:

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By enough exercise we don't just mean an easy walk around the block with stopping and sniffing every shrub and fire hydrant. These walks are important for your Labradoodles mental health, not their physical one.

Instead, your Labradoodle should get 30 to 40 minutes of aerobic exercise in order to get their heart pumping and they need this level at least three times a week to stay fit, and burn off excess energy.

This level of exercise is particularly important for Labradoodles who have a sporting breed background.


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