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How To Train Your Labradoodle To Pick Up Dirty Laundry

Here's a fun trick you can teach your dog that actually gets them to clean up your dirty laundry. I'm not kidding - it's called the "laundry pickup trick".

After you train your pet to respond to the command "pick up the laundry", they'll run to each room and literally collect the dirty clothes laying on the floor. But that's not all - they'll also put the dirty laundry in your basket!

"But what if my pet is a laundry thief and has a bad habit of grabbing any piece of clothing they can find and hiding it in their bed?" - you may ask.

Well luckily for you any canine with this habit learns this trick the fastest. Because they're the most qualified candidates!

Dog trickTo begin, start preparing for this dog trick by teaching them a few unique vocabulary terms. Gather up a few items of clean laundry as well as a short laundry basket your Labradoodles head can reach into.

Now place the basket on the floor in the smallest room of your house. This can be the bathroom or even a hallway that has limited room.

As soon as you place the basket on the floor, start praising your Labradoodle to get their interest.

Your goal is to feed them positive energy and praise whenever they approach the basket. What you are accomplishing is an association with the basket as something special, almost like a dog treat.

Your next step is to use the phrase "get the laundry" in a fast tone of voice and repeating it often.

Be sure to hold a piece of dirty laundry, such as a sock, while giving this command. This helps dogs differentiate between the clean laundry and the dirty laundry.

Twirl the dirty sock in the air while repeating the words "get the laundry". Give them time to grab the sock while giving them lots of praise.

Once they have the sock in their mouth, direct them to the basket and pull it out so you can put the sock in the basket right in front of them. Follow this with tons of praise and petting.

This step should be repeated as often as you can.


Training Tips To Get Your Labradoodle To Obey!

Here's Chet Womach talking about his course.

You can get the free video Chet mentions by Clicking Here.


Now it's time to introduce more items of clothing. Try using multiple dirty socks or anything else available. Be sure to have these pieces of clothing piled together and each time they grab them direct them to the basket. Finally, it is time to start in an empty room.

Place the laundry basket in this room. Now go with your dog to the next room where you have a pile of dirty laundry.

Give the command "get the laundry" and once they collect the laundry in their mouth help direct them to the next room with a laundry basket is so they can drop them inside the basket. As always, follow-through with an abundance of praise.

Before you know it you'll be able to count on them to gather your laundry without the need for a reward.

Use this trick to end your problem of having to pick up dirty laundry and take some of the stress off yourself by having your Labradoodle do it! :-)


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