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7 Labradoodle Training Tips That Work!

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Tunnel Fun With Your Labradooodle

By using two chairs, make a tunnel for your Doodle to walk through. By placing two chairs facing each other and drape a blanket or sheet over the chairs, yuo've created a small tunnel.

You can also buy a vinyl tunnel at most toy stores or use a pup tent with a back entrance.


Training Tips To Get Your Labradoodle To Obey!

Here's Chet Womach talking about his course.

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Have your Labradoodle sit with a family member on one end of the tunnel with you at the other end. Call them to come to you as your other family member helps guide them through the tunnel.

You don't want them to make a U-turn to escape from the tunnel, because the goal is to get your Labradoodle to run the length of the tunnel from the inside.

If your dog won't go through the tunel, hold a favorite treat to get them to meet you on the other side and call them with enthusiasm. You can also have one of your kids crawl through the tunnel to entice your dog to follow.

When your Labradodle does go through the tunnel say the "Through" command.

Once your puppy is comfortable moving through the tunnel, you can add more steps to make it more challenging. Have your puppy at one end of the tunnel and put her in a Sit position.

Give the "Through" command to make your puppy run through the tunnel. You will be running along the outside of the tunnel to greet them at the other end.

Reach in with the hand holding the treat to get their attention, and say the "Come" command as they exit. Next, quickly walk backwards, even a few steps along the side of the tunnel and pop straight up and say "Sit," to put them in a sit position.

Then gradually work your way backwards, leading your dog back to the starting point of the tunnel..

Your objective with this game is to teach them the "Through" command when they go into the tunnel, and the "Come" command when they come out and go to the spot where you are waiting for them.

Eventually, this game can be done in one smooth motion where they go through the tunnel on the "Through" command and come to you on the "Come" command no matter where you might be standing.

Eventually, you can hide somewhere when your dog comes out of the tunnel. "Whistle for them to find you as this helps sharpen your skills to control your dog in any environment, especially in park environments, by having them come to you by the sound of your whistle.


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