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Why Labradoodles Roll In Smelly Things

Nobody is absolutely certain why dogs love rolling around in smelly things, but animal behaviorists have some pretty good explanations.

Some believe that dogs like marking themselves with things they find in their territory. Do you know a man who wears a big gold chain around his neck?

Well, a Labradoodle “wearing” some horse manure or fur from a dead animal is behaving a little like that man.

Rolling in stinky things says something about the dog and where he lives. Picture your Labradoodle saying “I’m a dog of means and I own all this nice stuff in my territory.”

It’s difficult for people to understand how a Labradoodle could base the value of his territory on how many piles of horse manure are littering it.

This is a good example of the differences between dogs and humans.

Most people like their belongings to be new, clean and fresh, but most dogs love being around old things that smell.

History may provide an explanation for the types of things dogs appreciate. Wild dogs were forced to forage for food ever since evolving from wild wolves.

As a result, dogs may have developed a strong appreciation for anything that smells like it could possibly be eaten.

Their scavenging past means that even the scent of a potentially decent meal gives them a thrill.

A dead fish washed up on the beach qualifies for this type of thrill, and so does the week-old carcass of a dead animal.

Cow pies or deer dung could signal a possible meal in the area.

Of course, there could also be a simpler explanation for the way a Labradoodle loves to roll in smelly things.

Far from being related to survival, it might just relate to a dog’s preferences.

Some experts think a Labradoodle will cover his body in dung or pond scum, or roll on top of an animal carcass, just because he loves the smell.

He wants it to come along with him wherever he goes. Think of these smelly things as Labradoodle perfume.

The sense of smell is primal in nature, and that makes it difficult to explain why some smells are appreciated by people or dogs but others are not.

For example, a Labradoodle might love the smell of something that most people would find objectionable, such as an animal carcass.

A dog’s sense of smell is far more acute than a human’s. They have many millions more scent receptors than humans.

They might even smell something pleasant that we can’t smell at all.


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