Labradoodle Adoption
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Labradoodle Adoption

For anyone looking for a great family dog who doesn't want to go through the challenges of puppyhood, there's no better option than the Labradoodle adoption route.

Older, mature Labradoodle are excellent additions to any family, because these dogs are such an adaptable breed, as well as being known for their excellent temperament.

No matter how old the adopted Labradoodle might be, they'll quickly become an important part of your family, once they adapt to the pace of your family life.

Other places you should consider toward finding a Labradoodle is with breeders.

Quite often, Labradoodle breeders will have older, retired dogs for sale and there are a few reasons why.

Some will be breedng dogs who no longer have the potential to produce quality puppies or special situations where a breeder may help a friend with a Labradoodle adoption.

A definite positive with most older Labradoodle is they are housebroken, often fully trained, and adaptable to a new family.

Be aware that it will be tough on the dog at the start, but by giving them love, attention, and patience, they'll fit in and become a important part of your family.

The main thing you want to do is assure your adopted Labradoodle you're their new pack leader.Also, let them know you're happy they're a member of your family.

If you're thinking about a Labradoodle adoption, learn all you can about these dogs so you know what to expect and can deal with an issues.

You also want to get a sense of the Labradoodles temperament and if they're compatible with your family.

Some important aspects to understand about your adopted Labradoodle woudl be, their diet, what their daily routine is, and their excersie needs and habits.

Before you bring them home make sure all members of the family meet the dog, so everyone can talk and decide if they all want the Labradoodle to become part of the family.

When bringing an older dog in to your home, help them for the first few days in order for them to discover where everything is located in your home.


Training Is Critcal For An Adopted Labradoodle

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Show them where they will sleep, how to go outside, where they should eliminate, and where you will feed them. Take your time and be patient, because it will take a new dog a few days to learn where things are in your home.

As a rule of thumb, give your new Labradoodle at least a few weeks to get acclimated to the new surroundings before beginning any type of training. Even if you know your dog had previous obedience training, it's a good idea to get them in a class to reinforce you as their pack leader.

LabradoodleAny Labradoodle, regardless of their age, just loves attention. Older ones however, might have medical issues you aren't aware of, which can cause them to be more withdrawn than normal.

This shouldn't stop you from bringing one home, because the rewards exceed any issues the Labradoodle may have as you understand their unique needs.

Although many people don't enough thought to Labradoodle adoption - these wonderful dogs are ideal family dogs for those who don't have the desire for the challenges of raising a puppy.

If you're interested in adopting a Labradoodle, we strongly suggest you go to IDOG (International Doodle Owners Group) Rescue which is a excellent resource - and you can find tham at the link below:

IDOG Rescue


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