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Moving Your Labradoodle - Part 2

When moving into a new house you are completely changing everything about life that your Labradoodle has grown to know.

Because he is such a routine-oriented pet, your Labradoodle will need some extra understanding and a little bit of patience in order to make him feel safe and confident while undergoing such a radical change, even if it only lasts for a few days.

Adult Labradoodles may handle the confusing experience of moving a little better than a puppy will, but either way, you should put into practice the following tips that will help your Labradoodle cope with the anxiety of moving:

1. Try playing some soothing music. When you are packing up your household items, shipping boxes, coming and going at all times during the day, handling phone calls and delegating family members to help, all of these things create an extremely confusing atmosphere for your Labradoodle. He may resort to urinating on the carpet or practice other bad behavioral problems.

One way to alleviate this high energy anxiety is to play some soft music, such as classical.

Music like this has a calming effect not only on you and your family members, but on your pet is well.

Anything that can help lower the stress vibes of the rest of the family, in which your Labradoodle can sense, will go a long way in making him feel safer.

2. Do not isolate your Labradoodle. Many people make the mistake of isolating their Labradoodle in the backyard or in a crate while they are busy moving and packing boxes.

This only adds to your Labradoodle's stress. Instead of treating him as a separate entity and confusing him more, try including him in all the fun and let him run around a little bit to check out what's going on.

Of course he may still display some bad behavior, but it's better than keeping him locked up while everyone else is so busy.

3. Take your Labradoodle with you and the rest of the family when you are moving boxes to and from the new house.

If you thought that your Labradoodle will get stressed out from all of the changes at the old house with packing and moving, imagine what it's going to be like when he is faced with a strange and foreign area in the new home.

To alleviate this stress, help him become used to the new house by letting him inside for short intervals when you're bringing over boxes.

Doing so will help your puppy become more comfortable with the changes taking place and slowly adjust to making the new house his home.


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