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Labradoodle Behavior Problem

When your Labradoodle starts to swallow nonfood articles, owners often wonder if perhaps they have a neurotic pet.

After all, why should a dog swallow rocks, pins, wrist watches, panty hose or toilet paper?

The logical answer is this behavior must makes your Labradoodle feel better. That is, it probably relieves tension.

In all cases, your dog's diet and feeding regimen must be considered as underfeeding or overfeeding may be an underlying cause.

Older dogs should be fed 2 times a day. The quantity should produce a formed, firm stool, with no looseness.

Labradoodle puppies should be fed as many times as they have bowel movements per day, in amounts that produce formed, firm stools.

If a particular food does not produce firm stools, the diet should be changed to one that does.

Most pica (the techincal term for swallowing various objects) cases hinge on a bad relationship between dog and owner.

There is usually an element of over or under attentiveness on the part of the owner.

Most cases involve nervous, inhibited dogs. It is also interesting that most cases involve puppies either orally oriented to begin with, or were made so through excessive oral stimulation (tug-of-war, etc) during early life with the owners.

Here is a story you will find interesting:

An overindulged, orally oriented male Dachshund was shut out of the house because of unruliness with the owners.

Soon thereafter the dog was taken to the veterinarian because of extreme pain and failure to eat or defecate.

X-rays revealed blockage in the intestines, but no object was apparent. A pair of panty hose was surgically removed from the intestine.

The dog, having been severely weakened by starvation, failed to survive the operation.

Corrective measures are straightforward in most pica cases.

All fondling of your Labradoodle is stopped and some degree of command response is established, using nonphysical methods.

If the dog pesters you for affection, direct it to perform some previously learned command response before it is rewarded with petting.

As in chewing cases, it is recommended a scented nylon bone be used to fix the dog's oral orientation on an acceptable object.

Even if you tease your Doodle with the bone, this substitute object can prove helpful in correction.

If your dog is kept outdoors because of a chewing problem, the underlying problem must be corrected and the dog reunited with the family before dealing with the pica problem.

Correction in your Labradoodle usually takes 1-6 weeks.


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