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Questions For Labradoodle Breeders

When visiting a Labradoodle breeder, be prepared with a list of questions. Here are a list of 12 any Labradoodle breeder should be happy to answer for you. If they don’t cooperate in answering these questions, or acts annoyed, then this is probably not be the Labradoodle breeder for you.

Labradoodle Breeder

A good Labradoodle breeder is more than willing to answer these questions.

1. Ask the Labradoodle breeder why they’re selling the puppies? Their response gives you a good idea why they’re in the breeding process. Is it for the love of bettering the Labradoodle breed or are they just trying to get rich off a high-in-demand breed

2. Ask many specific questions about the Labradoodle breed, even if you already know the answers. This exercise indicates how knowledgeable the Labradoodle breeder really is regarding the breed.

3. Ask what health testing has been done for the puppy. Has the puppy received his first vaccination? Has it been desexed?

4. Ask what health testing has been done for the puppy’s parents.

5. Ask for a written copy of the puppy’s health guarantee and make sure it’s clear regarding the warranty.

6. Ask the Labradoodle breeder what kind of socialization the puppy has already received. Specifically, how many people and what kinds of animals has it been exposed to. How did it react? How often is the puppy in social situations?

7. Ask the Labradoodle breeder what the puppy’s diet has consisted of so far.

8. Ask if the Labradoodle breeder is a member of the ILA, LLA, ALCA or listed with

9. Will you be able to register your puppy?

10. Are the puppy’s parents registered?

11. Ask the Labradoodle breeder for references. If they do not encourage or allow you to talk to previous customers, you should be concerned. Make sure to get several references.

12. Ask the Labradoodle breeder if you can contact them during the life of your Labradoodle regarding any health or behavioral concerns.

Those 12 questions will put you on the right track to choosing a good Labradoodle breeder – and puppy.


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