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The Labradoodles Intelligence

Congratulations! You've decided you want to welcome a Labradoodle into your home. They're a popular dog today, because they're very intelligent, playful, and depending on the Labradoodle, allergy-friendly dogs.

They have lots of energy and boast an entertaining personality. However, have you honestly asked yourself, "Am I ready?"

Labradoodles aren't your typical dog breed. Beginning as a cross between a standard Poodle and a Labrador Retriever, they're very smart and highly social dogs.

You could even say they're "high maintenance" if not intellectually stimulated and not a properly trained Labradoodle.

So, are you ready to pour your heart into nurturing this puppy love? You're off to a good start researching the breed and the responsibility of owning a Labradoodle.


This article offers you some useful information to consider. And by the time you're through, you should know if you're ready to make the commitment to care for and love a new puppy.

I would suggest keeping in mind Beverley Manners of Rutland Manors response when asked what she thought was the worst trait of a Labradoodle. "Definitely their incredible intelligence.


Training Tips To Get Your Labradoodle To Obey!

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Many people think they want a super intelligent dog, but what they don't realize is the more intelligent the dog, the more vital consistent early training required.

A Labradoodle, given nothing to challenge its superior intellect, soon becomes an attention-seeking, defiant brat!

It's important for anyone considering one to be prepared to put the work in and commit to spending the time properly training his or her puppy, from day one, throughout the first year.

Labradoodle breeder Michael Waggenbach of Sunshine Acres whole-heartedly agrees, "It's really the environment they go into that determines the kind of dog they're ultimately going to grow up to be.

People often ask me 'How are you going to know the kind of dog you're going have?' Well, you don't.

You, the owner, are the one who's going to determine what kind of dog you ultimately have. If it flops, it's really the owners fault."

Michael also echoes Beverley Manner's thoughts regarding the high intelligence of these wonderful dogs.

"The Labradoodles high intelligence can lead to boredom. If they're not challenged, that boredom makes for trouble.

So I usually tell people, if you're going to have a great Labradoodle, you have to keep them challenged.

You can't just let them stay home by themselves all day in a crate and expect them to behave themselves, because they're going to figure out ways to get your attention a lot quicker than another dog would!"


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