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3 Vital Rules For New Labradoodle Puppy Owners

1. Set The Rules With A Family Discussion

First, set the rules. If you already have a Labradoodle puppy or are considering getting one, then you need to have a family discussion (or household discussion) to lay out the house rules for your puppy.

It's essential that each family member is on the same page in terms of abiding by the same rules. When the rules are made, everyone must follow them.

Inconsistency is extremely confusing for a puppy. Puppies don't thrive on mixed messages. Often, one family member will feed the dog at the table while another member may be more strict about it.

2. Stay Consistent With The Rules

Decide with your spouse or significant other the rules you want to establish for the house. If you have kids, they should also be part of the discussion.

The things to decide with your family are consistent feeding times and a walking schedule, whether the dog will be allowed on the furniture, where it will sleep, and what rooms in the house are "dog-free zones."

Other decisions will come up later, such as whether to feed the dog table scraps or to allow it to sleep in someone's bed; these decisions should be discussed as a household, and then all members of the house should follow the rules.

3. Don't Change The Rules In The Middle Of The Game

You may initially have a rule that your pup is not allowed on furniture, but after a few days, you decide that this cute furry pup is too irresistible, so you let her lay next to you on the couch.

After eight months or so, you now have a 60-pound puppy on the couch and you decide that this isn't such a good idea.

So now you change the rules again and try to keep her off the couch. Don't expect your puppy to catch on if you keep changing rules like this.

Changing rules in midstream can cause harm and distrust in your relationship with your puppy. It also confuses the puppy as to what is right and wrong.

A human parallel is dating someone who seems nice and attentive at first, but after a few months, shows a nasty side we've never seen before.

Just as we all have been hurt and confused when we experienced this situation, your dog will feel the same sense of confusion..

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with deciding to let your pup lay on your couch or bed, if that is your rule. I only see a problem with it if you try to change that rule later.

So remember, if you make the rules, you must follow them.


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