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7 Labradoodle Training Tips That Work!

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#5 How To Quit Jumping Up On People

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Plan On Spending A Lot Of Time With Your New Puppy

Try to arrange your vacation time for when you bring your Labradoodle puppy home. If its possible, try to arrange a two-week vacation.

Labradoodle PuppyWhen owners do this it gives both the pup and owner a chance to really get acquainted with each other.

During the first two weeks, a puppy needs to know that you are there for him. You need to be there to create a plan that is conducive to his needs.

Also, by staying home for two weeks, you can establish a rhythm for housebreaking.

You can just about have your puppy housebroken in a two-week period - that in itself is worth the time off!

If you can't take two weeks, then try to take a week if possible. Even taking the minimum of a four-day weekend helps your puppy acclimate to his new surroundings.

Many new Labradoodle puppy owners make the mistake of going back to work the first day after bringing a pup home. I don't like to see puppies being left alone at this early stage.

The owner doesn't get to see how the puppy handles stressful situations, such as noises inside the house or on the street that can scare your puppy.

Puppies decrease their stress level when they can investigate a noise by sniffing it out or observing it at a distance. If he is in his crate, the pup can't investigate the loud noise and his stress increases.

Suppose you live near a train station - the pup may get spooked every time he hears the train go by.

After a few weeks of being left alone like this, you'll have a nervous, withdrawn puppy on your hands and you wont know why.

By staying at home, you can witness for yourself if your puppy is having trouble adjusting to his new environment.

When you do go back to work or are gone during the day, play a radio or TV on low volume in the same room as the crated pup.

The music will act as white noise and cut down on the sounds from the outside.

Most people bring puppies home during their seventh to tenth week.

This is a very influential time during a puppy's life, and the perfect time to start a positive pattern through physical activity and mental stimulation.


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