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Bringing Your Labradoodle Puppy Home

When you bring your Labradoodle puppy home, he is leaving the litter and his mother behind, so you want to make this transition as smooth as possible.

This is a big adjustment in your puppy's life, and you want him to feel comfortable in his new environment.

Most puppies handle this transition quite easily. But for some pups, this is a traumatic experience and they may feel frightened.

This is not the time to throw a big party so all your friends can see your puppy. All the new faces and voices and all that handling will make him that much more frightened. Be sensitive and make this adjustment a smooth process for your puppy.

A Comfortable Ride Home

Whether it is a 20-minute or a four-hour drive home from the breeder, you will want this ride to be an easy one.

Give yourself peace of mind by placing the puppy in a small crate, an inescapable cardboard box, or in a secure basket.

You don't want your Labradoodle puppy getting hurt by having the freedom to roam around in your car.

You also don't want your puppy relieving himself in your car.

If a crate won't fit in the car, then place a tall enough cardboard box in the seat next to you or preferably in the back seat where you can check on him from time to time.

If you place the box under the dashboard, then make sure that hot or cold air from the vents isn't blowing on your pup.

If a friend or family member can accompany you on the ride home, then let this person care for the puppy.

Take a blanket or towel just in case there is an accident. If traveling with kids, have designated periods of rime where each child can take turns holding the puppy during the drive.

Most puppies will sleep on the way home though some will cry. If he cries, this is no reflection that he is going to be a bad dog.

The way a puppy reacts on the ride home will give you an early glimpse into his temperament and how he handles change and challenges in his environment.

Also, don't be surprised if your puppy vomits in the car. Don't worry - you didn't get a puppy who has a chronic vomiting problem - this may be his first time in a car and he is not used to the motion.

If your puppy sleeps on the way home, then don't disturb him by trying to get his attention.

Let him sleep. If you wake him, he may become restless and start to cry.


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