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Hands Off Dog Training Course Review

I’ve looked for quite some time for a training course I felt was comprehensive and effective for puppies as well as older dogs. Countless books on puppy training are available; however, if you have tried to read a training book and work with a puppy at the same time, you know just how awkward this can be!

There are very few audio programs and that's frustrating becuase the beauty of an audio program is that it allows you to work with your puppy AND use the tool simultaneously.

Here's Chet Womach talking about his course.

You can get the free video Chet mentions by Clicking Here.

Chet Womach’s Dog Training SecretsWhether you’re a first time dog owner or an experienced one, like myself, you will find a tremendous amount of value in Chet Womach’s ‘Dog Training Secrets’

For those on a tight budget, this course is significantly cheaper than attending training classes.

For those that can afford the time and the money to attend classes (and I highly recommend you do!) his Hands Off dog training formula can be an excellent compliment to those classes.

It is like having the trainer in your home with you, all the time. Anyone who has taken a training class has had the experience of attempting to train their dog the next day and drawing a complete blank on how the behavior is to be trained!

As for the audio, it’s very instructional with a conversational feel and is very approachable. (You can also print off a transcript of the audio.)

It is very easy to download the files and put them on your MP3 player or burn them to a CD so you can have ‘Dog Training To Go’. How fun (and effective!) would it be to go to the park and train your dog with all of the distractions a public place offers?

To go to Chet Womach’s Hands Off Dog Training website, click on the link.

Rather than bore you with my segment by segment review of each audio file in the hands off dog training, let me touch on some of the high points.

It’s very segmented so you can tailor the training to your specific needs.

These are regular guys, not some polished up training wannabes. They know their stuff; understand operant conditioning and how it can be applied across a broad spectrum of training needs.

Good discussion of rewards and how to maximize the effectiveness of using treats and/or rewards. The discussion on how to time feedings to benefit your training is very valuable to anyone who is training a dog or puppy!

They emphasize multiple short, productive, training sessions. I appreciate that they make the distinction of age and attention span. IE – puppies work best in 30 second to two minute sessions!

They discuss how they have learned from their failures and that they share that information with their listeners. (I always feel better if I’m dealing with people who can admit to and learn from failure, don’t you?) I like the fact there are solutions given to different ‘failure’ scenarios.

They also emphasize that there are different methods to teach a command. This is critical because dogs, like people, don’t all learn at the same pace using the same methods.

I have seen this first hand in my three dogs and it is incredibly helpful to have options when you are trying to train a particular behavior and the method that has always worked for you just isn’t working for a particular dog.

How training can be incorporated into your daily routine and doesn’t have to be something formal.

Make sure to listen to the ‘Final Tips’! Chet makes some excellent point here that will enhance your training skills and the effectiveness of your training.

Videos: The Hands Off dog training program has a nice blend of audio instruction and video.

The three videos (all of which you can benefit from) are of training to 1) Stop Nipping 2) Leave It 3) Stop Barking.

Nipping Video

This video gives a very realistic perspective of the time it takes to train your puppy not to nip. Nipping is a very instinctual behavior in pups and it takes a while to train them to stop.

Chet offers a very good lesson in replacement behavior.

This is an excellent eight minute video and I recommend the entire family watch it BEFORE you bring home your new bundle of fur, particularly if you have young children

Hands Off dog training formula"Leave It" Video

I laughed when Chet shows us how NOT to do it!

This is actually the one place where I do things a bit differently than Chet, however, that’s only because I was taught a different method.

Chet’s methodology works just great (I tried it out on my puppy just to be sure!) and I have filed away in my mental archives for future use. You never know when you may need an alternative method!

I really like the concept of resetting the puppy’s mind set so he isn’t perpetually in training mode. I have incorporated this into my puppy training and it has paid big dividends.

Stop Barking Video

Very helpful to be able to actually see the process. I love the fact Chet is honest in showing where he makes errors in timing. I think this is an excellent teaching tool as it lets the viewer understand how important the timing is and, just as important, how to manage things if the timing is missed.

Overall, I think Chet Womach Dog Training Secrets is an excellent program and highly recommend it.

It will serve you well whether you use it as your only training program or as a supplement to your training classes.

To read more about or to order Chet Womach’s Hands Off Dog Training click on the link.

All the best!!

Edie MacKenzie


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