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Are Barriers Necessary For Your New Labradoodle Puppy?

Yes - barriers are necessary when you need to separate your Labradoodle puppy from a room or an object that she shouldn't have.

Barriers are needed when puppies exhibit destructive behavior such as chewing on furniture. Your furniture is one of the first things you will want to protect. Some puppies will never chew on furniture while others love the taste of wood.

If your puppy is chewing on furniture, it may be the piece of furniture you usually sit on.

This is merely a way for your puppy to bond with you. She may need more attention from you, so you may have to play with her more. Or you may be giving her too much freedom in the house and not giving her close supervision.

The following are some helpful ways you can create barriers to protect your home and your puppy.


Training Tips To Get Your Labradoodle To Obey!

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Infant Gates: An infant gate is a good barrier to keep pups out of the room and can easily be folded when not in use. Make sure the gate is low enough to the floor so your puppy can't crawl under it.

Topical Solutions: Bitter apple is one of the most popular topical solutions used to stop puppies from chewing on furniture - but unfortunately, some dogs actually like the taste of it.

You can also use a half strength vinegar solution. Spot check any topical solution to make sure it won't ruin your wood furniture.

Cover it Up: In my house, I use cotton mats that are approximately 8 x 8 feet and lay them over my carpeting in order to protect it from the oil on my dogs' coats. They also prevent the carpeting from getting that dog odor.

When my dogs chew on toys, I make sure they chew them on the mat. The mats become their designated areas where they can play and sleep.

Also, if your puppy happens to vomit or defecate, she does this on the mat and not on your carpet. When company comes over, you can easily remove the mats. And cotton mats can be washed without difficulty.

Floor Mat Tip: These floor mats can be ideal for for new puppy training. First, purchase any type of floor mat that you will place near the door. This mat will serve a few purposes:

1. You can sit your pup down on the mat when you need to wipe her feet after a walk when it's raining or snowing outside.

2. It serves as a training tool - it will mark the spot the pup needs to sit before she is to go outside for housebreaking.

3. It is a place for her to learn to sit when guests come through the door.


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