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7 Labradoodle Training Tips That Work!

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#1 Potty Training Tips

3 easy potty training techniques to get dog's to only pee outside.

#2 Stop Your Dog's Chewing in 36 Hours!

Watch an 11 week old puppy being taught to stop chewing in 2 days!

#3 How To Stop That Annoying, Territorial Barking in Minutes!

5 simple backyard drills you can do to stop annoying barking.

#4 A Gentle Method To Stop Leash Pulling

How to cure leash pulling in 5 minutes without a choke collar.

#5 How To Quit Jumping Up On People

2 minutes of this non-aggressive technique will stop your dog from jumping on people.

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Choosing A Labradoodle - Puppy Or Adult?

For anyone who's ever had a dog, as Puppies they're adorable, sweet, and oh so cuddly.

A Labradoodle puppy is yours to work with a virtual clean slate to form and fit perfectly into your home life. Your family will be the one they learn from, as long as you keep your part of the bargain.

Before you go charging off to get that puppy, think about the advantages of choosing a grown dog. 

Adult dogs are often less expensive and can be found through organizations like IDOG Rescue, and are less expensive to maintain, since their puppy shots and worming's are well behind them.

If you choose carefully, you could find one already house-broken, and know some basic obedience as well.

So why is it more people don't consider an adult dog? The number one reason is most people think a grown dog doesn't bond as well with their family as a puppy. That's true if you intend to keep your dog in a barren backyard with little human contact.

However by welcoming an adult dog into your life, they'll be yours as much as any puppy you take at eight weeks People think the bond is tighter because the grown dog has seen the world and knows how lucky they are to be with you.

A Labradoodle puppy is a good choice for you if you have the time, patience, and flexibility - not to mention the sense of humor - to deal with canine babyhood and adolescence. Don't expect to find short-cuts when it comes to raising a puppy - it's 3 a.m. walks and chewed loafers, endless hours of play and just as many in training.

Puppyhood is a wonderful trip, full of surprises and delights, but one you shouldn't take if you don't have the time. If you don't put in the effort, you end up with a dog who drives you crazy - or one you'll drive to the nearest shelter when you can't stand it anymore.

Mt San Blas Labradoodles

Grown dogs unfortunately have a bad reputation and more often than not, its undeserved. An adult dog up for adoption is really a pet other people couldn't handle.

So, is adopting one a good idea?

It depends on the dog. Now here's the real plus - While an adjustment period is inevitable with any dog, it's shorter with an adult dog.

An adult dog is past adolescence and is settled, and for good or for bad, set in their adult personality. That doesn't mean they can't be trained - all dogs, young and old, benefit from training.

It does mean you won't be able to influence their personality as much.

If you have a puppy with shy or aggressive tendencies, there are things you can do before they become a problem. With a shy or aggressive adult dog, change is more challenging.


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