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Labradoodle Breeder

7 Labradoodle Training Tips That Work!

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#1 Potty Training Tips

3 easy potty training techniques to get dog's to only pee outside.

#2 Stop Your Dog's Chewing in 36 Hours!

Watch an 11 week old puppy being taught to stop chewing in 2 days!

#3 How To Stop That Annoying, Territorial Barking in Minutes!

5 simple backyard drills you can do to stop annoying barking.

#4 A Gentle Method To Stop Leash Pulling

How to cure leash pulling in 5 minutes without a choke collar.

#5 How To Quit Jumping Up On People

2 minutes of this non-aggressive technique will stop your dog from jumping on people.

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Designer Dogs or Dogs of Good Design: Part 3. . .

When purchasing a ‘Designer Dog’, you need to be aware of the physical and temperament traits of the parent breed. You can't have traits that exist in both parents bred out in the puppies. Take for example the Puggle, which is a hybrid of the pug and beagle.

Pugs shed profusely and can be a challenge to train. Beagles also shed and are known to be a strong willed dog that can also be a challenge to train. So beware of the Puggle breeder telling you the Puggle puppy will be low shedding and easy to train. Research the parent breeds, because an unscrupulous breeder does not want an educated buyer as a customer!

Now on the other hand, a good breeder will be up front with you regarding the possible traits the puppy will inherit from its parents. If they have been breeding that hybrid for a while and have kept in contact with the puppy families, they can give you a good idea of what to expect.

Again, let’s look at the Puggle. Beagles can have a tendency to howl. A good breeder should be able to tell you two things regarding your puppy’s potential for howling. First, if the parent dog is prone to howling and second, if any owners of previously sold Puggle puppies have commented or complained about their puppies howling.

Now, this is no guarantee, it’s just an indicator – but it can alert you to whether the breeder is telling you the truth.

Labradoodle puppyUnless someone is foolish enough to buy their ‘Designer Dog’ from a pet store, where the puppy likely came from a puppy mill, there is usually a waiting period. You may wait for a pup to become available, for it to be shipped, or for travel arrangements to be made. Many people wait months to get the puppy they want and I make a point to tell my readers it is well worth the wait to get a well bred puppy.

Reputable breeders are not a dime a dozen. You have to seek them out and that takes time and patience. If you decide a particular hybrid ‘Designer Dog’ is right for your family, make sure you do your due diligence! Research the particular hybrid very carefully. Scrutinize your breeder even more intensely. The high prices commanded for ‘Designer Dogs’ cause many puppymills and backyard breeders to capitalize on the trend.

Make sure your puppy’s parents have been health tested, that the results are good, you have seen and understand the test results, and the breeder offers a health warranty of at least two years. A warranty period is critical, because many genetic issues do not show up until a dog is fully mature. Remember, the price you pay for a puppy is different from the cost of a puppy. An unhealthy puppy can cost you thousands in veterinarian bills. .

Research the current selling prices for puppies of the particular hybrid you wish to purchase. For example: the price range for Puggles is ranges from $500 - $1,800. If a breeder offers you a Puggle puppy for $250, that should be a red flag. This may be a puppy mill dog or may have a genetic defect preventing the breeder from selling it at market value. .

Lastly, ask yourself if the traits you want in a dog are truly worth the price being asked for the ‘Designer Dog’. Is there is unique characteristic this particular hybrid has that is worth the research, time, and financial commitment necessary to find a reputable breeder and a healthy hybrid? If the answer is ‘no’ you may want to consider you local animal shelter.

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