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Stop Your Labradoodle Puppy From Biting - 4 Simple Tips

Most dogs let you know before they bite someone. When playing, labradoodle puppies get mouthier up to the point when they actually bite. More often, bites happen when puppies are tired of playing.

They'll show reluctance by looking away when you try to engage them. Or they'll turn their back or lie down and try to ignore you. Anyone who ignores these hints is probably going to get bitten..

Puppies also bite when they don't like the way you're playing with them.

As an example, people seem to want to pull a dogs' ears or to roll them over and pin them down when they're wrestling. Some dogs will tolerate this without any problems, others won't.

Dogs know biting is a quick and easy way to stop activities they don't want to partake in anymore. And once they find that biting works, they stick with it.

If you have a Labradoodle puppy that bites, try the following tips:

1. Talk like their Mother:

Since dogs tend to bite when they're acting childish, you can often stop them by giving a low, authoritative Grrrrrrrrrr. Puppies hear this sound a lot when they're nursing and their teeth start coming in.

They'll take a threat from Mom seriously. Growls get their attention and will make them think twice about biting..

2. Turn your back to them:

If you want to show a puppy you don't like the way they're playing, stop moving and turn your back on him. This sends a very clear signal to them you aren't happy and won't play unless your they learn to keep their teeth to themselves.

3. Use an extension:

Rather than letting a puppy mouth your hands, use toys, towels, or ropes instead. Anything that puts distance between your hands and their mouths will work better than hand-to-hand or hand-to-mouth games.

4. Play at your level:

Dogs love it when people get down on all fours and wrestle, head butt, and generally roughhouse with them. Physical games are fun, but some dogs have a natural tendency to be dominant.

Seeing you on all fours makes them think they're dealing with a dog-like equal.. Dogs have a natural respect for height, however and keeping your head and shoulders higher than your dog's help them know you're the one they need to respect, not bite.


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