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Bringing Home Your New Labradoodle Puppy

Have you ever wondered how much fun it is bringing a Labradoodle home and introducing them to your family? It truly is a unique experience for the puppy and the family.

Labradoodles are highly intelligent dogs, so over time they can become a well-mannered, remaining quietly at your side and eager to follow our every command.



Now with that said, it's a long road from cuddly fuzz ball to mature dog, but if you're willing to put in the effort you'll and your puppy will make it successfully - and it all begins with day one in their new environment.

Your Puppies First Few Days

The first few days your dog is in their new home can be difficult for both the dog and you because you're both are trying to adapt to a new situation.

After all, the puppy finds they're suddenly taken from their den and litter mates and is expected to immediately accept a new very different way of life.

However, with patience and a sense of humor on your part, the first few days can be accomplished with good feelings on both sides.

Time To Bring Your Puppy Home

Most Labradoodle breeders think seven weeks of age (forty-nine days) is a good time for Labradoodles to go to their new home, with six to eight weeks being the best age range. The six- to eight-week old puppy needs a lot of rest and will take morning and afternoon naps.

Labradoodle PuppyFor the first day or two, however, they might be very excited and spend much of the day in motion, checking out their new home.

As long as they're not hurting themselves or anything else in the bustling environment, let them investigate wherever and whatever strikes their fancy.

If Labradoodle puppies are eight weeks old when they come home, you'll need to be patient. This is the fear period and sharp noises or harsh treatment leave them fearful which can take months to ultimately overcome.

Let them take their time becoming acquainted with everything and don't take them places where they're exposed to loud and frightening sounds or activities.

If possible, trips to the veterinarian should be arranged before or after the eighth week.


If the Labradoodle puppy is ten to twelve weeks old when you bring them home, they will be more rambunctious, and will sleep considerably less during the day.

However, they're at an age where you can get their attention easily and where they definitely want to please you and stay close to you.


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